Things That You Can Do To Help Your Oil Delivery Person Help You Stay Warm

If you stayed warm and cozy last winter, you can probably thank your oil delivery driver. Even if you rely on oil for hot water or cooking, you may depend on delivery services to fill your tank and keep your household going. There are some situations that can interrupt service and that may cause your driver issues, which you can easily resolve.

Consider helping out your oil driver with these suggestions:

Make sure your tanks are accessible. If you can't get to your oil tank, then your oil delivery person can't either. Be sure that the area around the tank is shoveled during snow, and that you don't have belongings or trash in the way of them accessing your oil drum.

Keep your driveway safe. If you need to plow your driveway, do it before you plan on oil delivery. These trucks may be able to get in and out of your property but they will still need to walk to the tank to fill it. Don't present any additional challenges to the driver, and keep the area safe from slips and falls with sand or rock salt.

Make sure you have the payment ready. If the deal is payment on delivery, have a check or money order ready when the driver arrives. Failure to do so may result in them being forced to leave, and you may suffer an additional fee for a return trip to your home. Don't try to negotiate with the driver; it is likely not up to him or her, and you should make your arrangements with the oil company billing office directly.

Keep your pets inside. An oil delivery person doesn't know if your dog bites or not, and they may not be able to see your pets from inside the cab of the truck. Keep pets securely indoors when you are expecting a delivery to ensure the driver feels safe and to prevent any accidents when they are driving the truck in and out of your driveway.

Don't let it get too low. Letting your oil tank get too low may bring up sediment and debris from the bottom of the tank that can interfere with your heating system. Avoid issues by maintaining oil at all times, which will prevent the driver from dealing with why your heating system doesn't seem to be working. These are questions better posed to the heating contractors rather than the oil driver.

Make it easier for an oil delivery driver to reach your tank and help you out during cooler weather. Keep your property clear when expecting an oil delivery, and be sure to take care of payment arrangements with the fuel vendor prior to delivery. Also, keep questions related to your heating system for your heating contractor rather than the driver who is not paid to repair or evaluate furnaces or boilers.

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