Keeping Wildlife Out Of Your Dumpster

When renting a dumpster, whether you have a permanent enclosure on your property that is emptied weekly or if you have roll off service where the entire unit is removed and replaced, you will want to take steps to keep wildlife from gaining entry. When animals get into a dumpster, they can cause messy conditions around your establishment by pulling out trash bags and strewing them around your property. Proper precautionary measures can be taken to keep this behavior at a minimum.

Mask Odor

To help keep animals out of your trash, minimizing odor can be helpful. Double-bag all trash before bringing it outdoors to place inside the dumpster. One way to eliminate animal intrusions is to use a mixture of water and vinegar to spray upon your trash bags. Many animals find this odor to be a bit offensive, keeping them away from the enclosure as a result. Spray a commercial-grade dumpster odor eliminating solution the dumpster after the last batch of trash has been removed to keep animals from smelling a potential food source.

Add Scares

Many animals will stay away from areas where they feel threatened by predators. Set a few hunting decoys around your dumpster to frighten animals from the area. Fake owls, snakes, and even scarecrows will help keep animals a distance away from your dumpster. 

Consider placing a small radio near your dumpster and turn it on during night-time hours when many nocturnal creatures are out and about scouring for food. This will make them think people are nearby. Some animals are also afraid of sparkling items. Tie a few compact discs to the dumpster lid so they dangle down around the enclosure. The shimmering seen as the compact discs turn will keep some creatures away.

Consider Placement

To keep your dumpster free of wildlife, put it in an area where it is easily seen. Place a floodlight or two near the dumpster to help keep it illuminated during dark hours. Some animals will shy away from brightly lit areas, keeping your trash inside your dumpster.

Cover Appropriately

Make sure to close the dumpster cover every time you put something inside. You can help keep smaller animals out by putting cinder blocks or bricks on top of the lid. For larger animals, put a locking chain over the top of the dumpster and attach it along the bottom. You will need to unlock it when you wish to put trash inside, but this step will keep wildlife out and your garbage inside.

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