Why Is Grease Trap Use Important In A Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial ovens are normally very large in size and are used continuously throughout the day in restaurants. These ovens are usually equipped with one or more grease traps that catch any grease that comes out of foods when they are being cooked or baked. Grease traps may also be placed in between the drain pipes and a kitchen drain to prevent grease from dripping down into the drain system. Without having grease traps to use on a daily basis, a commercial kitchen would soon become an unsanitary place to be. These are some of the reasons it is very important to have grease traps available where needed in a commercial kitchen.

Destroying Drain Systems 

Oily, greasy residue that melts away from meats when they are being cooked cannot be emptied down the drain. Even if the grease is flushed with hot water, it will become solid again once it has cooled. This can cause disastrous damage to drain systems because grease and oil clog drains severely.

As the drain becomes more clogged over time, sinks will not drain, toilets will not flush and begin to overflow due to backed up water and waste in the drain system. If there are other drain systems that are nearby and connected to the one that has the clog, these systems may also suffer extensive damage.

Creating Toxic Fumes 

Grease and oil that comes from cooking meats was once part of the flesh of an animal. When this grease and oils are dumped into a drain, what used to be flesh begins to decompose. The odors from the decomposing animal flesh begin to come up through the drain system and can flow into home or business that is connected to these drains.

These fumes are very unpleasant to smell, harmful to breathe and can even be toxic to certain people. Those who already have respiratory problems may become severely ill from inhaling these fumes.

Contaminating The Water Supply 

Grease and oil that is trapped in a drain system is the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow. This bacteria can flow into the water supply and affect how safe and sanitary the water is to consume. Consuming contaminated water can cause severe illnesses and even death if not treated quickly.

Some people may not consider just how important it is to use grease traps on a daily basis in commercial kitchens. However, this is one of the first things that many health departments look for when they perform regular health inspections at restaurants and other eating establishments.

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