How To Keep Mice Under Control When You Fear Rodents And Traps

If you can't stand the sight of a mouse, you'll want to take quick action when you suspect you have one. The last thing you want is for a mouse to get comfortable in your home and invite all his friends to move in too. If you're afraid of mice, you probably won't be able to set snap traps and empty them. You may find the whole idea of it too ghastly. If that's your situation, you should hire a professional to get rid of the mice and help you protect your home from further invasion. This is what you can expect.

Setting Lots Of Traps

The exterminator will probably set up a variety of traps around your home. The more traps the better when dealing with several mice. That way, they'll be killed off before they have time to become suspicious of the traps. You'll have to put up with traps indoors and outdoors until the invasion is over, but you won't have to worry about emptying the traps or dealing with dead bodies. The exterminator will check the traps and empty them or exchange them on a regular basis.

Snap traps are inexpensive and very effective at getting rid of mice. Your exterminator may use those, but if you have kids, a cat, or a small dog, snap traps may cause you to worry about them being injured. There are other options to try such as tunnel traps and even cage traps that capture the mice alive. These allow the mice to enter, but the entry is too small for a pet to get inside.

Identifying The Mouse Trails

The exterminator will also want to know where the mice come from. If they come from a clutter pile in your backyard, you may need to get rid of it to totally eliminate the mice. However, if the mice come from a nearby farming operation, there is little you can do to stop them from getting on your property. The next best thing is to barricade your home against them. The exterminator can tell where they enter your house, and he or she will seal the area or explain how to do it. You may need to cover a hole with wire mesh or fill it with spray foam. Once the mice are gone, you'll want a strong plan of prevention in place to keep the mice from coming back.

Dealing With The Aftermath

If mice have been in your home, you'll need to decontaminate the area once they're gone. Hopefully, they were confined to an attic or basement area. Mice leave behind a musty smell and germs you'll want to get rid of. The pest control company may offer this service, especially if it's in an attic that is difficult to access. If not, you can hire an attic cleaning service to decontaminate the space to get rid of odors. If the mouse smell lingers, even if it isn't bad enough to bother you, it acts as a beacon to other mice, and you'll soon have the rodents clawing at your house trying to get inside.

When you have a fear of mice, it's probably best to hire a pest control company for regular mice removal. The exterminator will monitor your property for signs of rodent activity, so the mice can be stopped before they overtake your house. It's also a good idea to leave a few traps set. They'll not only catch any mice that wander by, they'll also alert you to the beginning stages of an infestation so you can take steps to get it under control quickly.

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