Two Tips To Help You Start An Effective Recycling Program At Work

Staring a recycling program at work is beneficial for many different reasons.  An obvious benefit is that it helps your company reduce waste, but a more obscure benefit is that it can help boost your company's image in the public eye if word about your program makes its way to consumers.  However, some people have become so accustomed to seeing the standard recycling bins that they've become desensitized, and may easily neglect to recycle at work even when they can.  Use this information to learn more about how to galvanize your team into becoming enthusiastic about recycling.

Offer Incentives For Recycling

One technique you can use to make your company-wide recycling program more effective is to offer incentives to the associates who follow it.  This makes it fun and competitive to recycle, and can encourage more members of your staff to follow suit.

For example, while some companies have a program in place that rewards people who are willing to report theft or other negative behaviors that employees may catch each other involved with, you can flip the trend by encouraging your staff to report instances where they see a fellow team member recycling some form of waste that they could have easily chucked into a regular trash can. 

Even if the person doing the recycling doesn't realize that they are being noticed for their good deed, it can really increase the level of camaraderie and morale in your office for each person to know that someone was willing to report the fact that they recycled.  Offering weekly or monthly prizes for these types of reports may be the key to making your recycling program more effective.

Educate Your Staff Concerning What Can Be Recycled

Another method you want to employ to help make your recycling program as effective as possible involves thoroughly educating your team concerning exactly what can be recycled.  While you may not know it, some people are simply unaware of the many things that can be reused, and this could be hindering your program.

Post signs which indicate recyclable items in the areas of your building that receive a lot of traffic.  Promoting awareness is one of the major factors that will help your recycling program be successful.

Initiating a recycling program at your workplace can be a great way to make your team more environmentally conscious.  When you're ready to motivate your staff to recycle, keep these tips in mind so the program will be a hit. For more information, contact companies like B-P Trucking Inc.

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