3 Tips For Choosing A Janitorial Cleaning Services That Are Safe For Asthmatics

Many people who walk into a building and immediately smell bleach, lemon or pine scents associate that aroma with a hygienic, safe place to be. Unfortunately, for many asthma sufferers, that scent is dangerous and can result in asthma attacks, hospitalization or, in extreme cases, death. Therefore, if it is your business that is benefiting from janitorial cleaning services, it is time to learn what can be done to make the process safe for everyone who works or visits your facility.

#1-Understand Why Using The Right Chemicals Is So Important

In 2009, about 8% of people in the United States had asthma. Many asthmatics have attacks that were caused by the common chemicals used for cleaning, and current research suggests that long-term exposure to certain chemicals commonly used in cleaners can actually cause asthma to develop.

It is important to note that there is a higher rate of asthma for custodians than in the general population, which further establishes the need for safer products. In addition, it has been suggested that since schools typically have so many asthmatic children and are likely to have strict guidelines for hygiene and safety, businesses may be able to benefit from using the same cleaning agents that educational facilities do.

#2-Know What Chemicals To Avoid

In 2009, a study evaluating cleaners that were used frequently in schools determined that three chemicals could trigger asthma symptoms. The problem occurred even when used as directed, in complete compliance with the manufacturer's suggestions. Therefore, it will be helpful to ask the janitorial company with whom you work to avoid those chemicals.

Those chemicals were:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Methyl methacrylate
  • Styrene

Another challenge to consider is that some cleaners that feature a high pH or low pH will irritate the lungs, setting the stage for asthma attacks. You may also want to consider asking for cleaners with scent at all, since even a lemon-fresh cleaner that has been diluted could be sufficient to trigger an asthma attack for sensitive sufferers.

#3-Know What To Ask For

Once you know what should not be used at your facility, it is necessary to choose safe cleaners that are as good or better than their counterparts.

Ask for the cleaners used at your facility to be:

  • Plant-based (or bio-based)
  • pH neutral
  • Aerosol free

A final consideration is the presence of a neutral, third-party organization. Many of the safe cleaners used today can prove they are safe to use because of a certification they get from that third party.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of business you run, preventing guests and employees from developing asthma or preventing the onset of an attack is essential . Fortunately, by working with a janitorial service that uses safe cleaners, safe cleaning practices are easy to provide. For more information, contact local cleaning services like Springs Cleaning

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